July 18, 2008

USA Today

A nice little article showed up in USA Today about THE WORKS.

Oh, and unlike in this photograph, I'm not really cross-eyed in real life. Just thought, uh, that I'd share that with you.

Click here to read the piece or just click on the photo. ----->

July 10, 2008

THE WORKS premiers tonight!

Thought I oughta mention that the show is premiering tonight. I'm cleaning my house, having friends over, and getting sauced. My mother bought a 52-inch television "guilt free." And my dad has warned me not to get too excited.

But how can I not be excited when there is so much vital information about garbage that is about to be transmitted via my television show tonight?!

Meanwhile, an early positive review of the show came in from the New York Daily News.

And there's a wonderfully nice article about me and the show in my hometown paper -- the Tulsa World. Thanks Tulsa!

July 4, 2008

The Works!

My new TV series for History premiers on Thursday, July 10th!

Visit History.com to learn more about the show.