September 26, 2005

that's DOCTOR mister wilson to you!

Today I defended my dissertation and earned a Ph.D. in Robotics. Of all the degrees, I think I found the coolest one. So I'm a doctor now, and you know what? It feels good. Real good.

Go ahead and read my sweet-ass 185 page thesis cover to cover, you know you want to.

September 25, 2005

my WIRED review is strong

My book was reviewed in Wired magazine (bottom of page) this month and... they liked it so much they gave me four and a half blue thingies. For those of you with no math skill -- that's almost half a deuce!

September 14, 2005

znakomity! robot uprising going to Poland

The ROBOT UPRISING is going to Poland. It is good to know that once the book is translated and put up for sale, eastern europe will have some chance to escape the slightly imaginary robot scourge.