August 25, 2008

powell's book talk -- this thursday

My co-author -- Dr. Anna C. Long -- and I will be delivering a rousing book talk at Powell's City of Books this Thursday to introduce the world to the greatest mad scientists of all time. It's just a quick 30 minute talk (max!) and we'll be signing books after. So come on out and bring your favorite mad scientist...

Thursday, August 28th @ 7:30PM Powell's City of Books on Burnside
1005 W Burnside (800) 878-7323

Geek meets chic in The Mad Scientist Hall of Fame (Citadel), Daniel H. Wilson's (How to Survive a Robot Uprising) and Anna C. Long's stylish, informative guide to the most outrageous, brilliant, and fascinating mad scientists — both real and fictional — and their diabolical inventions.

August 21, 2008

Read about the Top Five Mad Scientists

Popular Mechanics has excerpted some of my new book and it's available online. So read about the top 5 mad scientists! They aren't really the all time top five, just some of my favorites!

<--- Captain Nemo! Estranged from humanity and totally depressed!

August 19, 2008

Mad Scientists -- Reviewed!

The Mad Scientist Hall of Fame was reviewed over at my favorite tech blog --! It's a fun book and I'm glad that Annalee (the reviewer) enjoyed getting the dirt on all the best mad scientists -- especially that rocket scientist / occultist / orgy-maestro Jack Parsons. Here's a snippet of the review:
Funny and filled with good, crunchy facts, The Mad Scientist Hall of Fame is like "Behind the Music" for scientists. We learn a little about the scientists' brilliance, and then discover how it all went terribly, terribly wrong. Plus, about half the scientists that Wilson and Long discuss are fictional, which gives the profiles of real-life scientists a delightful, sensationalistic flair.

August 7, 2008

My New Book is Out!

The Mad Scientist Hall of Fame just hit bookstores. It's a psychological breakdown of the greatest mad scientists of all time -- real and fictional. Didja know that Dr. Jekyll was suffering from dissociative identity disorder? Or that Nikola Tesla believed he was speaking to aliens from Venus (just like Lex Luthor)? Captain Nemo was severely depressed and Dr. Evil is a clear-cut case of anti-social personality disorder. Fun!

You should buy it for your favorite mad scientist!