May 25, 2011

video interview for USA Today

Things are heating up for the June 7th release of Robopocalypse. I just got home to Portland from a three day trip to New York City where I visited Book Expo America and sat down to shoot a video interview for USA Today.

Click here to read the USA Today article.

To hear more about what I'm up to, follow my twitter feed @danielwilsonPDX. Fascinating!

May 22, 2011

headed to book expo america

ROBOPOCALYPSE comes out June 7th -- only a couple weeks from now! The madness is already starting. I'm excited to be headed to NYC tomorrow to attend my first BEA. The best part is that lots of other authors are going to be there, including some heroes like Margaret Atwood and Chuck Palahniuk. Can't wait...

Meet your favorite Doubleday authors at BEA!

May 17, 2011

ROBO Video Contest

Submissions are officially closed for the contest. We received an awesomely wide variety of submissions. I'm listing a few here that are also publicly available on YouTube. Keep in mind, these selections in no way reflect who the winners are because that hasn't been decided yet!

There were live-action clips of people straight up dealing with the Robopocalypse...

... and more formal book trailer type submissions...

... and tons of creative stuff that defies explanation.

All in all, I'm incredibly impressed with the creativity and finesse that went into these submissions. Winners will be announced soon!