March 27, 2012

new short story -- Helmet

I have a new short story included in the ARMORED anthology, released today!


Set in a futuristic Africa, Helmet tells the story of a young man and his brother as they try to survive in a slum that is swarming with murderous, faceless armored soldiers. Walls can protect or they can imprison, and in this place they do both.

And the anthology contains dozens of other great stories that revolve around the notion of powered armor, starting from the kind that Iron Man has and evolving in a lot of really crazy and amazing directions. From the book jacket:
"Armor up for a metal-pounding feast of action, adventure and amazing speculation by topnotch writers (including Nebula-award winner Jack McDevitt, Sean Williams, Dan Abnet, Simon Green, and Jack Campbell) on a future warrior that might very well be just around the corner. Science fiction readers and gamers have long been fascinated by the idea of going to battle in suits of powered combat armor or at the interior controls of giant mechs."
If you'd like to read Helmet, please buy the book online at any of these stores -- or at your favorite local indie bookshop. Only $7.99!

March 14, 2012


From Publishers Marketplace:
Roboticist and NYT bestselling author Daniel H. Wilson and acclaimed anthologist John Joseph Adams, eds.’s ROBOT UPRISINGS, an anthology of stories, to executive editor Jason Kaufman at Doubleday (acquired for Vintage), by Laurie Fox at Linda Chester Literary Agency and Joe Monti at Barry Goldblatt Literary (World English). Translation: Whitney Lee of The Fielding Agency.
I'm super excited to announce that I'm all teamed up with John Joseph Adams (of Lightspeed magazine) to edit my first book of science fiction short stories. I will be contributing my own novella (mostly written already, and pretty badass if I do say) and we've got a great list of contributors with their own stories that revolve around those darned pesky robots.

More news further down the line...