March 9, 2008

urban outfitters

How to Build a Robot Army has finally assumed its rightful place among all the books about sex, smoking pot, and skateboarding over at Urban Outfitters. Every single time I walk into UO (there's one up the street here in Portland), I think to myself that they have a nice selection of books but they're missing one thing... ROBOTS. I guess I have that thought pretty much wherever I go, but anyway...

Visit geeksugar to vote on whether you think building a robot army is geek chic, or just plain geeky. I'm happy with either answer, honestly. Somehow I've reached a place in my life where I get pissed off if someone claims that I'm not a real geek.

March 8, 2008

haptics for popular mechanics

I wrote a new article for Popular Mechanics. It's all about haptics -- the science of touch!

Doesn't this guy look excited to be utilizing next-generation haptics technology? 

Read the article online and catch haptics fever for yourself.