August 30, 2006

Popular Science

I'm a columnist for Popular Mechanics and I'm sort of convinced that I must be arch-enemies with Popular Science. Nonetheless, when PopSci writer Annalee Newitz gave me a call to talk about fembots (i.e., sexy female robots, woo!), I felt obligated to answer for the good of humankind.

Read the Popular Science article here.

August 22, 2006

Air America

I had a tidy interview with Air America today. It was fun.
"The book is about learning, sure, but it's also all about saving babies and kitties from robots."

Go on and give it a listen.

August 7, 2006

The Popular Mechanics Show

My man Ben Chertoff (an editor at PM), Glenn Derene (senior technology editor at PM), and I (a rake and a roustabout) had a chat about the future of television, electric cars, and robots on the battlefield. In-teresting stuff!

Give it a listen.