February 2, 2008

coast to coast am -- Sunday, Feb 10th

Once again, I'll be holing up wherever I can find a landline so that I can chat on the radio about robots and aliens on my favorite radio show... Coast to Coast AM! Sadly, Art Bell has retired once again, but I'm just as excited to be talking with longtime host Ian Punnett. It's a guaranteed good time.

Also, I learned something new about myself the last time I was on -- I tend to laugh a lot. This drew mixed reactions, as the following snippets from emails will show:
Your laugh is sexy!
-- Nancy

You have the most irritating little laugh. I almost called Art to tell him to tell you off the radio. You MUST drop the laugh.
-- Candy

I liked hearing you laugh during the interview. It was obvious you were enjoying yourself and the subject matter and knew how to not take yourself (or the topic) too seriously
-- Lotus

You said "you know" too many "you know" times.
-- Bruce

February 1, 2008

livewire -- friday, feb 15th

Hooray, I've been invited back to the hilarious (and informative) LiveWire! radio show! More information as the date draws nearer...

I'm also doing this thing called True Stories on the evening of Feb 10th at Mississippi Studios here in Portland. I'll be discussing the true story of my life as a young nerd in love. And I'm not the only one there, click on True Stories to read about the other authors and funny people who run the show.