December 22, 2010

Publishers Weekly Write-Up

The folks over at Publishers Weekly called last week and very politely asked me -- now, just where in the hell did you come from? I responded, and they wrote it up into a very flattering little bio.

An avid science fiction fan, Wilson started writing short stories in high school and submitted pieces to a number of SF zines. All the stories were rejected. Without much thought to a career as a writer, he enrolled at the University of Tulsa and got his degree in computer science.
 Publishers Weekly

December 7, 2010

Nice Little Review of Bro-Jitsu

A fun review of Bro-Jitsu: The Martial Art of Sibling Rivalry has gone up over at Collateral Bloggage. (Plus bonus interview!)
No, this isn't a how-to manual; it's a nostalgia piece, reminding us of what we endured and perpetrated as kids. Particularly funny to me were the tactics for succeeding at sibling irritation while also avoiding detection by Parental Referees, and even better, getting the victim into trouble for something you actually started. Awesome.

SH: In the book, you warn about the dangers involved in trying Bro-Jitsu moves on Only Children. What advice can you give the father who wants to train his Only Child in the ways of Bro-Jitsu?

DW: Sadly, the sacred bond of brother or sisterhood cannot be replicated in an only child. But there is an easy and fun solution: Make another baby immediately. (Agreed.)

December 1, 2010

AMP sells to Summit and Director Alex Proyas

After long and difficult negotiations, I have decided to sell film rights to my upcoming novel AMP to Summit Entertainment. Alex Proyas (The Crow, Dark City, I,Robot, Knowing) is attached to produce and likely direct. Couldn't be more excited about the potential for this project!

Click here to read the scoop at Deadline Hollywood!