January 12, 2012

Zombies Versus Robots


Yes! I finally got to write a graphic novel! Well, part of one, anyway. But at least it's in one of my favorite worlds to read -- ZvR. That's right, zombies versus freaking robots!

Working with Chris Ryall over at IDW, I recently crafted a freaky story for the upcoming ZOMBIES VS. ROBOTS: ANNUAL edition, with art by Ash Wood, Sam Kieth, Drew Moss, Andy Kuhn; and stories by yours truly, as well as Chris Ryall, Kevin Grevioux, and Rio Youers.

My story is called "Spooky Shit" and it's inspired by these images I found of soldiers fighting out of foxholes... Throw in some robots and a heaping helping of zombies and you've got some real spooky shit.