May 17, 2006

WIRED Magazine Rave Award

How to Survive a Robot Uprising won a Rave Award from Wired Magazine. Over the months, the book quietly made the rounds at Wired and they evidently loved it. So did their families. Chris Anderson (the editor-in-chief) mailed over a fantastic drawing of the book's cover made by his five-year-old. It's on my refrigerator. I'm pretty much holding that kid responsible for my winning the award.

The awards ceremony was also a lot of fun. Grey Goose vodka was a sponsor of the event, which is the main reason that I talked to everybody and their mother. Literally. I spoke to Akiva Schaffer's mom for like, half an hour. (He's one of the Lonely Island guys working for Saturday Night Live.) It was just a wonderful drunken nerd-o-rama, with CEOs from and Second Life and the guy who made the World of Warcraft video game. Later, people blogged about the amazing dinner, but I never shut up long enough to pay attention.