September 2, 2009

i'm at bumbershoot monday, 9/7

Next Monday, I'll be at Bumbershoot in Seattle to discuss the relative dangers of vampires versus robots with fellow NW author Kevin Emerson. It's going to be some nice vampire on robot action that you don't want to miss.

Seattle Weekly has even deemed it a recommended show!

From the article:
"Quick: In a battle between the mechanical and the eternal, who would prevail? Vampires have sharp teeth, but robots don't bleed. (Also: encased in metal.) Vampires fight (and bite) best at night, but robots have infrared vision. Local author Kevin Emerson (of the Oliver Nocturne YA fiction series) will here debate Daniel Wilson, responsible for How to Build a Robot Army and How to Survive a Robot Uprising (among other robo-centric works)."